Fun and entertainment

Fun and entertainment

Lake Garda is also and especially a place of fun and entertainment to be enjoyed in the company of friends, family, or a four-legged companion.

Occupying an area of 280,000 square metres, Canevaworld Park, with its 40-plus attractions, is divided into three sections. Two of them contain theme parks of a sort not to be found elsewhere in Italy, and the third is dedicated to stage spectacles, restaurants and food.

Movieland Park
The first and only theme park in Italy entirely dedicated to the world of cinema. In addition to its incredible film sets, Movieland Park stages live action scenes, live shows, and spectacular special effects for your enjoyment.

Caneva Aquapark
Welcome to the first Caribbean-themed water park in Europe. Relax to the strains of pleasant music while sitting on the fine white sands of a beach surrounded by tropical vegetation, and dive into the crystal clear water of enchanting lagoons Enjoy the thrill of the breathtaking water slides, or take a meandering rubber dinghy ride through the chutes, pools and waterfalls. Spend a wonderful and relaxing day among palm trees, where children can have fun in complete safety.

Medieval Times – Restaurant & Show
The fun continues into the evening in the three Medieval Times-themed exclusive restaurants. Watch the exciting tournament in a medieval castle with King Astolfo and his knights. An generous banquet is laid on for you, including free soft drink refills.

Distance: 2.5 km
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Parco Termale del Garda (the Garda Thermal Park ) at Villa dei Cedri is a natural spa extending over an area of 13 hectares surrounded by rare plants and centuries-old trees. The spa area includes swimming pool lakes with hydromassage facilities, and fountains and waterfalls fed by the warm thermal waters of two aquifers around 200 m underground. The Ministry of Health has certified the therapeutic properties of the spa waters of Villa dei Cedri, which have proven benefits for, among other things, the treatment of arthro-rheumatic diseases, motor rehabilitation and dermatological conditions. There are two thermal pools: The Main Lake (Lago Principale) and the Small Lake (Lago Piccolo). Both are equipped with hydromassage water jets, neck- massage fountains, waterfalls and geysers, and are illuminated in the evening for night bathing.

Situated next to the Winter Garden, the Main Lake and its associated amenities take up an area of around 5000 square metres. The water temperature is kept at 33-34° centigrade. The lake contains two pools that are maintained at the higher temperature of 37-39°.

The Small Lake was restored a few years after the Thermal Park opened thanks to the discovery of a photograph from the late nineteenth century showing that it was in use at the time.

Distance: 3 km
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Gardaland is the Number One amusement park in Italy, and one of the top ranked in Europe. Experience the fantastic adventure of Gardaland Resort, the top destination in Italy for fun-seekers!

The Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium brings you on an interactive voyage of discovery of the most beautiful creatures of the world’s oceans. The Aquarium consists of a succession of themed environments, each a perfect reconstruction of a different natural habitat, beginning with a pool showing the life forms typical of Lake Garda and ending with a view of the mysterious abysses of the great oceans. Prepare for incredibly up-close encounters with animals of all kinds: from sea lions to scorpion fish; from clownfish to starfish! You will be left awed by the beauty of the transparent underwater tunnel, where sharks and rays swim undisturbed right above your head.

Distance: 5 km
Tel +39 045 6449777

Parco Natura Viva is a modern zoological park for the protection of endangered species. It extends over an area of 40 hectares and is divided into three sections, as follows:

The Safari Park, which is designed to be visited from inside your vehicle, offers you a fascinating tour of discovery of the animals of the savannah.

The Fauna Park, which is designed for pedestrians, offers you the relaxing experience of following a footpath through an oak forest populated by wildlife from every continent. This part of the park also includes the Tropical Hothouse, the Reptile House and the Farm.

Extinction Park is the new name for the enhanced version of the dinosaur park (opened in 1978), which has been enriched with new attractions and spectacular life-size reproductions that offer fascinating insight into the evolutionary past.

Distance: 5 km
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The highest mountain on Lake Garda affords a breathtaking panoramic view. There are numerous hiking trails and paths for walkers and mountain-bikers. From this panoramic vantage point, the blue expanse of Lake Garda seems to merge with the sky; the view encompasses the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, the sharp silhouettes of nearby mountains, and the gentle plains below. In a matter of just a few minutes, the cable car “soars” to an altitude of almost 1800 metres, and its rotating cabin presents passengers with multiple exciting panoramic views. Monte Baldo has numerous trekking, nordic-walking, and mountain-bike routes leading to the various mountain huts dotted along the slopes and offering walkers the chance to admire the exceptional flora and fauna of the mountain.

Distance: 30 km
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Deep in the woods of San Zeno di Montagna (Verona), lies the Jungle Adventure Park, just the right place for thrill-seekers. Here you will find rope bridges to cross, nets to climb, and logs to balance on. With six different courses of ascending difficulty, the park has something for all members of the family, from a Baby Course for the youngest to the exciting Black Course for the more daring. Burn away those calories on the adventurous Red Course, or follow the new family-friendly Purple Course. What better way to get some healthy exercise surrounded by nature than to follow the Botanical Path or the Fitness Trail through the park.

Distance: 14 km
Tel +39 045 6289306

Sigurtà Garden Park covers some 600,000 square metres of hillside rising from the shores of Lake Garda, and offers visitors spectacular scenes of flowering as the changing seasons cause the plants and trees to blossom. Ancient trees, medicinal herbs, gentle meadows, lakes dotted here and there make this a landscape whose loveliness is best enjoyed on foot, by bike, or from on board the narrow-gauge railway train.

Sigurtà Garden Park is considered one of the world’s five most extraordinary gardens. Professional guides are available for visits.

Distance: 15 km
Tel + 39 045 6371033

Parco delle Cascate di Molina (‘Molina Waterfall Park’) covers an area of about 80,000 square metres criss-crossed by watercourses, with rich and diverse flora and fauna. It makes a perfect destination for anyone who enjoys exploring the luxuriant vegetation that thrives surrounded by vertiginous walls of bare rock, large caves, and thundering cascades of spring water. Parco delle Cascate offers three itineraries suitable both for families and for more adventurous explorers. All the itineraries consist of footpaths for walkers only. Each follows a planned circular route. Choose the one that suits you best.

Distance: 15 km
Tel +39 045 7720185

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