Prices and special offers

Prices and special offers

Here is all the information you need to book a place at Camping Village Du Parc.

Accommodation rates

7 nights / pay 6
For a minimum stay of 7 nights from 03/03/20223 to 02/07/2023, and from 08/09/2023 to 05/11/2023.

14 nights / pay 11
For a minimum stay of 14 nights from 03/03/2023 to 02/07/2023, and from 08/09/2023 to 05/11/2023.

Ask us for a quote

If you would like more information, or want to get a personalized quote, send us an email telling us:

your planned dates of arrival and departure;

  • the type of accommodation you want;
  • the number of people in your group;
  • any additional services you require.

If you choose your preferred accommodation type when booking,we will ensure that it is available when you arrive.

You may also indicate one or two preferences for specific accommodation units using their reference numbers, but the availability of a specific unit cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.